A retreat for individuals and couples seeking practices for creating deeper connections In this workshop…

You will increase self- awareness and learn tools to transform and to enhance the quality of your relationships. Time and space is created to nurture the deep heart connections that bind us together. Participants will learn new ways to sustain and expand that connection and bring new energy and sacred awareness to themselves and their relationships with others. Maintaining alive and enriching connections with others today requires a new vision and skills.

We need to recognize that relationships are a mirror and a call to awakening to our deepest nature. Relationships can be a powerful vehicle for this awakening because they inspire openness and expansion while also stirring up conditioned patterns from the past that block loving presence. Here at this juncture (where our small, reactive self and our larger, open-hearted nature intersect) is where real transformation happens and relationship becomes a sacred path, opening us to a deeper quality of presence. Over the weekend, emphasis will be on exploring strategies that are nurturing spiritually, emotionally, and physically. In discovering more authentic ways to communicate from our deepest nature we not only bring new life and vitality to any relationship, at any stage of development, but recognition of the Divine in the self, which allows our ability to see this in others.

This workshop is experiential and will help you move into a more profound place of authenticity. Each participant will experience and gain knowledge in:

• Ways to nurture the self

• Expanded practices of meditation and imagery

• Sacred geometry, ancient art techniques, healing music and movement

• Greater understanding in the energy body and charka connections and communication

• Recognition of patterns that block loving presence

• The ability to move beyond relationships based on self-sabotaging behaviors and roles that no longer support the authentic self

• Specific ways to enhance effective communication

The cost of this retreat includes the program, snacks and beverages, as well as retreat materials.

For dinner Friday night, please bring a nutritious pot-luck dish to share.

On Saturday and Sunday, a healthy lunch will be provided.

Space is limited for this retreat so early registration is recommended. 

For more information or to pre-register, please fill out the form below.

The Retreat Site is located in Plano, Texas 75093

A list of nearby hotels will be furnished upon request for out of town participants.

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Debra Lewis Kaplan, LCSW, LMFT