There is a force within that gives you life ---- Seek That.

In your body there lies a priceless jewel ----Seek That.

Oh, wandering one, If you are in search of the greatest treasure,

don’t look outside, Look within, and Seek That

- Rumi

A retreat for all those who are interested in deep spiritual work

In this retreat, participants will learn to integrate the spiritual wisdom of ancient traditions with the wisdom of modern transpersonal psychology to form a workable map of spiritual development. East and west, inner and outer, modern and ancient methods meet to enhance self-awareness and a greater sense of peace with one’s life.

Throughout the retreat, participants are taught and practice a variety of meditation and contemplation techniques to deepen and expand spiritual awareness, to enhance the quality and meaning of life, and to begin tapping into the life force treasure that is within. Techniques of stress reduction, self-care, imagery and various spiritual and mystical teachings will be taught. Participants will be encouraged and supported in developing their own individualized plan of spiritual development.

This workshop is designed to create a deeper place of sacred awareness and an increased ability to tap into the innate wisdom within. Each individual will leave with a better understanding of:

• The power of thought and the mind-body connection

• The ability to move beyond fear to love and self-worth

• How to live fully in the present moment and find a deeper meaning in life, regardless of one’s circumstances

• An increased ability to live life from a place of harmony and wholeness

The cost of this retreat includes the program, nutritious lunches and snacks as well as retreat materials. A list of nearby hotels will be furnished upon request so that out of town participants can choose to stay according to their individual preference and budget. Transportation to retreat site from hotel will be offered. For more information about this retreat or to pre-register, fill out the form below.

Spirituality Intensive

Debra Lewis Kaplan, LCSW, LMFT